About Me
Hello, I'm Bavish, a dedicated marketing professional with over 3 years of immersive experience in the industry. At OneLocal, my role as a Content Associate allows me to weave compelling narratives and create impactful content that resonates seamlessly across diverse websites.

Outside the realm of OneLocal, I lead a creative venture called Yathi Designs, where I channel my passion for digital artistry. From crafting striking portraits to curating elegant wedding cards and crafting distinctive logos, I thrive on transforming ideas into visual masterpieces.

During my tenure as a Marketing and Social Media Coordinator at EELighting, I drove collaborative efforts across teams to spearhead marketing strategies aligned with business objectives. My journey commenced at The Aber Group, where I delved into the core principles of digital marketing as an intern, gaining invaluable insights into data-driven decision-making, paid advertising, and search engine marketing strategies.

Fueled by a strong interest in emerging trends and cutting-edge technologies, I excel in dynamic, fast-paced environments. I bring together creativity and strategic thinking to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.
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